What your Roof Company Should Tell You About Roof Jack

With General Roofing repairs in Austin Texas we see many problems when we are called out some more negligent than others.  One thing we see on pipe flashing or “roof jacks” is that some types that we see can begin to leak over time. The main style of roof jack we see this problem with is the type that have a rubber seal around the edge of the pipe or tube. This is a key are for homeowners to inspect if you are finding a leak and plan not to hire a roof company or contractor to do the work.  Many times in our inspections we find one of these as the culprit for a roof leak and inner house damage.

Solution to avoid costly repairs on inside wood, insulation and Sheetrock. Check your attic at night to make sure you have no leaks or water stains. Get yourself or a Roof Company to inspect your roof and pipe flashings for damage or leaks. You can use perma boot pipe boots which we have found to be more reliable over time to keep water out. Always be alert and pay attention to what is going on on your roof. The sooner a problem is repaired, the cheaper it will be. For a free roof inspection call 512-736-0322 or fill out our contact form on the upper right side of the page.

What you need to know about Roof Materials

We A Uresti’s Roofing Company are a small non-bias company when it comes to materials such as shingles. We select our materials according to quality and performance and not by brand.

Many larger companies recommend only one brand of material for the benefits they are given directly from the manufacturer. Some companies receive incentives such as large factory discounts and rebates of a percentage of materials bought that are a certain brand. These larger roof companies are choosing to use lower quality material in many cases which is sacrificing quality of your roof to put more money in their pockets.

A quality Roofing Company should give you more than one option and should be able to explain pros and cons from each material they offer. If a company is pushing one Material brand, they could have alternate motives beside delivering the best quality Roof installation.

Company Culture and How it Effects Your Roof

Company culture is prevalent in any company in existence. We want to discuss company culture because few people realize just how much it effects the outcome of the work that a company produces. Organization, Production, Discipline, Punctuality, and Quality are all factors of a company’s culture and are absolutely necessary in the Roofing Contractor you hire. These factors are decided by company management and leaders who must be held responsible for these factors. If company employees are not happy at work, their work will reflect the same and these necessary factors will be neglected. These factors of a companies culture are reflected in the communication of the company’s General Manager, Production Manager, Salesman, Crew Leader/Workers. As one client once stated “communication is the lubrication that makes everything run better” which is a rule to work by especially in the roofing business. A companies culture can be felt and seen when interacting with employees in a company and should be one of the greatest factors when hiring a Roofing Contractor or a Roof Repair Specialist.

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What You Need to Know about Roofing Before Hiring a Contractor

It is important like any other trade to hire a knowledgeable, experienced and reputable Roofing Contractor. However we have a recommendation of a few things we want you to know before meeting with anyone.

First we recommend you do research on what type of roof you have and gather as much information as possible as to what is the best installation methods, repair methods, common practices, pricing, and common occurrences with this type of roof.

Secondly have someone who is knowledgeable about roofing inspect your roof or problem area and give you a honest opinion. It is true that an inspector can cost extra money, however it could save you thousands in the long run.

An educated and smart buyer is what you want to be whenever doing repairs on your home or business so taking time to educate yourself can pay off by not letting you get ripped off.

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